We Remember You : You Are Special Today


I love that this candle has three wicks encircled in white wax. They seem protected. We light it often when we’re thinking about them. It lives in a plate that says, “You Are Special Today”. We got it as a wedding gift from a dear friend Leslee. I imagined using it for our family on birthdays or when my children have achieved something special. Instead I use it as a reminder that they ARE special each and every day.


We Remember You : Circled in Silver


The necklace my dear friends Anna and Nicki had made for me. It was waiting on my table when I got home from the funeral. The beautiful little feet pin that Amy had for the family at the funeral. Some of my family still wear these on their jackets and it brings a tear to my eye every time I see them. Thank you for remembering.

We Remember You : Wind Wishers

WeRememberYou_IMG_0669This beautiful print, “Wind Wishers” by Sister Mary Charles, is in a main hallway at the hospital where I delivered the babies. I walk by it every time we go to grief group and I look at it intentionally every time. I love to think of them this way. I’d love to get a print of this if anyone knows where I might purchase one!