21 weeks 4 days

I'm officially in the hospital for the long haul... and let's pray it's a LONG LONG LONG haul. Somehow my head/heart isn't capable in any way to go beyond today and I think that's self preservation at this point. I let myself feel some emotion yesterday with my mom, husband, and a close friend, and … Continue reading 21 weeks 4 days


PRAYERS – Hospitalized – 21+ weeks

Well I haven't been sure of sharing this info with the world but at this point I can't find my big list of family emails and my energy is lost on keeping people who need to know aware of critical changes. I'm not even sure who should know this - but in my heart I … Continue reading PRAYERS – Hospitalized – 21+ weeks

Prayers Please

We had our 20 week ultrasound with a fully anatomy scan for each baby exactly a week ago today. Since the results we've taken some time to gather our thoughts/emotions and try to get in touch with family in a more personal way so forgive me for the delay in posting to the rest of … Continue reading Prayers Please