NICU Christmas Stocking, Coffee & Treats Hospital Donation

Christmas can be an especially hard time to be away from family and all of the holiday traditions we love. Many families find themselves in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with a child facing medical complications. Each year Blessed with More prepares a special Christmas stocking for these babies and their families in Duluth, Minnesota. We’re asking for YOUR help to make these gifts extra-special.


These sweet little ones are fighters, as are their families and the amazing medical staff pouring out 24/7 care. I donate to the NICU each year, with the help of my sister-in-law Kaylie, to honor our children. Although my little ones, Alice, Elliot and Alexis, didn’t make it to the NICU (triplets born at 22 weeks who lived for 3 hours), it’s a place that’s close to our hearts. Many friends and family members have spent time in the NICU with their precious children. My nephew, Everett, was one of them and today he’s a healthy, strong little boy.


Help Us Provide Coffee and Treats – Donate Today!

Help us deliver coffee and treats this year for the NICU families, staff and doctors at St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital in Duluth, MN. If we have enough funds we’ll also bless the birthplace at both St. Mary’s and St. Lukes as we did last year!

Cash donations are being accepted through Yellow Bike in Hermantown, MN, until midnight, Tuesday, December 21st so we can deliver our gifts for Christmas!

Cash Donation for Coffee and Treats: Click Here

Listen to our story on the Finding Fire podcast where we talk with Yellow Bike owner (and my cousin), Shannon, about grieving the loss of a child during the holidays. Hear our full story and buy a bag of her Blessed with More Hero Roast. 8% of the profits go directly to Blessed with More.

In a follow-up to the podcast, I share more advice on How to Support Grieving Parents During the Holidays in my post here. (Post to be released when podcast goes live. Watch for this soon!)

2021 Stocking Wish List Items Include:

Amazon wish list items ship directly to my door. SHOP HERE!


*Donations made through Yellow Bike will be fulfilled as either coffee gift cards for NICU families or coffee and treats for the families, staff and doctors. If we have enough funds we’ll also bless the birthplace at both St. Mary’s and St. Lukes as we did last year!

Cash Donation for Coffee and Treats: Click Here


  • Fleece blanket – done
  • Small plush animal – done
  • Board book – done
  • Teething toy – done
  • Plaster hand print kit – done
  • Lip balm – done
  • Hand cream – done
  • Hand sanitizer – done
  • Notebook – done
  • Pen – done
  • Tissues – done
  • Reusable gift bags – done

Coffee and Treats For Our Local NICU

When the pandemic began we needed to adjust how we delivered to our local NICU. Yellow Bike helped us prepare coffee and treats for families, staff and doctors in our local community in both the NICU and the birthplaces. The full story is here.

Thank You For Your Donations!

I’d love to thank our business sponsors for the 2021 NICU Christmas stockings, as well as friends and family who have given donations! Please be sure to visit their local shops and business links below.

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