2012: Capture Your Grief: Day 21

Day 21. Altar/Shrine/Sacred Space Share a photo of your special place in your home/garden for your baby/ies/child/ren.

My thoughts: I don’t know if I necessarily have a sacred place. Maybe their burial area will eventually feel that way to me. For now their ashes live here (they’re box is behind the picture frame in this photo). I have my trio of candles and the peace lily from my grandma’s funeral where I put the three little dragonfly garden decorations. I see them every day. I tried to hide this photo after the funeral but my daughter wouldn’t let me put it in the box, “No mommy we need to see the babies!” It ripped my heart out at first. I dodged this area with my eyes every day. Now I look at it with pain but mixed with joy. I can look at their features instead of just the pain they represent in the hole in my heart. I pause here daily. They are beautiful and perfect in every way and I’m thankful for this place in my home – the center of my home. This is the first time I’m sharing their picture and I do it with slight hesitation. The world wide web is a dangerous place at times so I post this with prayers that this image is respected to every extent possible. I share it with hopes that people can see how perfect they are and love them with us. (We love you Alexis Marie, Elliot Nathan, and Alice Mae Wourms).

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