2012: Capture Your Grief: Day 19

Day 19. Project Have you worked on any projects inspired by your loss? They could be anything from an art project to organizing memory boxes for a hospital. If you have not yet done a project you could share something that you would like to work on.

My thoughts: Today I ordered three little lamb blankets and a willow tree ornament for a woman who delivered triplets at MAYO – and lost one of her baby girls. She had GBG triplets as I did. She delivered where I would have if we had made it one week longer. It just felt right to reach out. God’s taught me to listen to those nudging words in my head and act instead of sitting on them. I pray it brings another grieving family peace and a moment of comfort. I want to do more but need to listen to my heart as we walk this instead of carrying a burden to do things that are still too hard for me. Someday.

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