2012: Capture Your Grief: Day 12

Day 12. Scents Do you have a scent that you relate to your baby/ies/child/ren? Is it a candle scent, perfume, food or maybe a flower? Share it with us!

My thoughts: The smell of hospital soap reminds me of my babies and my daughter’s birth when I nearly lost my life to HELLP syndrome. It’s a smell that haunted me since 2009 and bothered me so much when I was hospitalized again with the trio. My friend Melanie delivered an amazing care package while I was there and among the gifts was a bottle of soap that I had mentioned liking at her house. I have an extremely sensitive nose and so many scents bother me. This lovely soap happily replaced the bad memories while I was alone at night in the hospital getting ready for bed. It helped me relax when I had trouble sleeping. Sadly I only had it there for a short time and now as I use it at home – it makes me think of them. There are days that I can’t use it. But on strong days – I do – and I am thankful for such a thoughtful gesture from someone who listened to such a little detail.

SIX YEARS AGO TODAY: I had emergency surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy (our second baby) along with the right fallopian tube he/she was growing in. Happy Birthday baby #2. We miss you and know that you’re playing with your brothers and sisters in Heaven today! What a party that must be this year.


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