2012: Capture Your Grief: Day 11

Day 11. Supportive Friends/Family Who has been there for you?

My thoughts: I can’t post a picture for this entry. I can’t possibly find something that represents the number of people who have been here for us. Those who have loved us through every step of this journey. Through my terror at the start with panicked phone calls. Through the excitement and joy of ultrasounds and first kicks. Caring for us while I was on bed rest and then hospitalized. Meals and hugs and prayers through the unknown times. Holding them. Holding us, then and still today. Words and support and scripture. Having understanding for things that I wish they didn’t have to try to understand. Patience and grace for my feelings that they shouldn’t have to bear in times of their own joy. We love you all and appreciate all you do for us.

Ultimately none of you have the ability to take this from our hearts. We live each day doing our best giving this to God. He’s the one we’ve prayed to for so many years for the gift of a child. He’s the one who gave us three lives instead of just one. He’s the one that holds them now. He’s the one who provided the ultimate comfort during the fears, and now He’s the one I scream to when I don’t understand. I’m reaching out to Him to heal me when others can’t.


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