2012: Capture Your Grief: Day 10

Day 10. Symbol Do you have a symbol for your baby/ies/child/ren? It could be a butterfly, dragonfly, a humming-bird, dolphin, seashell, share what it is and why it is so symbolic to you.

My thoughts: I have many symbols that stand out to me. I’ve talked about them in the past with the poem that’s meant to so much to me: Water Bugs and Dragonflies. I shared pictures of butterflies that followed me on my last walk in the woods: Flutterby Moments. I’ve shared the fuzzy little lambs that joined our family at the funeral and I think I’ve shared some about the lambs that we saw everywhere (not literally but on things we found) as well as the scripture that touched our heart at their service. The eggs that I found when searching for a memory box and guest book. The little birds that I found just after I heard about a friend’s baby son passing. All of them are special to me. Dragonflies seem to be the thing that they use to speak to me today. This little guy above was one of three who followed me down a path in the woods a few weekends ago. I asked God to give me a sign from them the moment I stepped onto the path and He did. The three followed me for my entire walk that day. One hopped onto my hand twice. The second time he stayed for at least 15 minutes while he ate a bug (see pictured). Yes, I said “he” because I imagine that to be such a boyish thing to do for a mother. I imagine my little Elliot crashing through the leaves admiring the cool bugs. “Hey mom look at this one!” They find me and I smile and cry at the same time. I’m thankful for each of the times I see them. Part of me is dreading the winter months and am asking God for another sign from my sweet babies.


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