Names in the Sand

I was recently blessed with an amazing gift from a woman named Carly in Perth Australia. She’s dedicated her time to honor the memory of babies in Heaven by writing each of their names in the sand at sunset on a special beach. Each sunset is unique to your child. (If you didn’t name your child she will draw a sweet heart in the sand.)

After her son Christian went to Heaven, he came to her in a dream. She saw him writing his name in the sand at this beach and since then she’s been blessing families with this special memorial. Since the winter of 2008 over 15,000 children’s names have been written in the sand at sunset on Christian’s Beach.

She’s also started CarlyMarie Project Heal which includes international days for bereaved families (Bereaved Mothers Day, Bereaved Fathers Day and Day of Hope). The site also has a large list of support tools for loss and grief.

She does these beautiful memorials for free (if you like the image you can purchase a digital file for a reasonable price but the web post is totally free). I’ve purchased my beautiful sunsets to print but am posting the images here with her watermark with hopes of giving back to Carly and her mission. With hopes that another mother will see them and know where they too can get a beautiful sunset name. See Carly’s site for more information. Thank you Carly for all you do!


2 thoughts on “Names in the Sand

  1. Emilie says:

    I just visited her site. Beautiful! Such a wonderful thing to do for grieving families. But I have to tell you something so surprising. She mentions seeing names in the sand and mentions Noah, Christian and Bella. My sister has four kids. Their order of birth: Lilly, Noah, Christian and Bella. (No, I can’t make this stuff up.)

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