“…I Will See You Again”

Recently I discovered the labor nurse (whom I so clearly believe was a key in saving my life during my first labor/delivery with my daughter) was also with me when I delivered Elliot and Alexis. (I use the word discovered because I have little to no memory of the people around me during that day … Continue reading “…I Will See You Again”


Names in the Sand

I was recently blessed with an amazing gift from a woman named Carly in Perth Australia. She's dedicated her time to honor the memory of babies in Heaven by writing each of their names in the sand at sunset on a special beach. Each sunset is unique to your child. (If you didn't name your … Continue reading Names in the Sand


I find myself counting – everything. I'm constantly looking for some sign from God that they're with me. That they're ok. Looking for something to carry with me for comfort each day. My glimmer of hope and thanksgiving in the midst of sadness. It's a balancing act every single day. We've been searching for a … Continue reading Numbers