I’m using this platform to openly ask for prayers.

We’re facing the choices of burial in the coming days. Where, when, how. I’m struggling. Please pray for peace during this time and for my husband and I to find an answer directed by Him through prayer – as He provided for so many of those answers for the funeral without question.

I’m also struggling off and on with panic attacks in the evening. I fear PTSD returning as it did after my daughter’s birth. I’m working through things with hopes of avoiding the intense therapy I needed in the past. Please pray for God to continue to provide healing and ways for me to process all of this.

I’ve been continually blessed with people popping up from all over the world who relate to this journey and have lived this loss in their own way – very much due to the blog. I’ve struggled with knowing if I should continue to share here or not so I take it one moment at a time I suppose.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support/understanding. Please know that every gesture, no matter how small, is a huge deal to us even if we don’t have the strength to personally acknowledge it.


One thought on “Prayers

  1. complicatedwaltz says:

    Wishing you peace and sending up prayers for Alice, Elliot, and Alexis. I saw your three babies’ names on the waiting list for the names in the sand blog – I was sending the link to my cousin, who recently lost her sweet little boy in a drowning accident. I’m so deeply sorry for your loss.

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