Corduroy and Conversation

Many of you know that my best friend as a child was furry, brown and about 1.5 feet tall. His name is Corduroy. Hopefully you know the books that he’s famous for. He was my companion through every trial and tear of joy or sadness. I spent every night with him wrapped tightly in my arms.

Corduroy came to college. He was packed away in a hope chest when I got married. And then, when Nora was born, he sat on the shelf in her room keeping watch. It’s hard for me to believe that it’s taken 3 years to introduce him to my daughter. I’ll admit it, I’m protective… of the bear. ha! It’s true.

A few months ago I gave Nora the 3rd book in the Corduroy series (I own the first two which are mysteriously missing). She had no interest in it. She wouldn’t even let me flip through it. Odd. Today we were at the library and as I was flipping through the books I came upon Corduroy. So I scooped it up and brought it home with hopes my girl would want to read. And she did. And it made my heart smile.

We scrounged her shelf and found the book from her birthday and I introduced Nora to my best friend on the shelf. He sat next to us on the bed as we read the stories again. How could I say no to that request?

I tucked her into bed and as we started to say our prayers she stopped me mid-sentence: “Mommy? Can I be a sister again some day?”
“Nora, you are a sister, and I pray God will make you a sister again”
“I miss the babies Mommy”
“I miss them too Nora” … tears stream down my face … she hugs me and my tears transfer to her cheek
“Are you sad Mommy?”
“Yes Nora”
“It’s ok Mommy. I’ll help you find the babies. I’ll help you find them”
“They’re not lost Nora. I miss them but we know they’re in Heaven and we’ll see them again some day”
“Okay Mommy, here, have a bear!” … she hands me Corduroy and gives me a huge hug with my good friend … and I burst out laughing
“Was that funny Mommy?”
“Yes Nora – you made Mommy feel better. Thank you”

Somehow even today – it comes down to a bear – and a beautiful little girl – to remind me of the blessings in my life.


One thought on “Corduroy and Conversation

  1. Emilie says:

    I don’t know how I missed this post last month! I just want to say that I understand how amazingly perceptive children can be and how they can melt our hearts so easily with such simple gestures or kind words. When I’m feel down, nothing can cheer me up like a hug from one of my boys. {hugs to you} I’m so very glad that you have Nora when dealing with such a devastating loss. She is a very sweet and very special little girl.

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