Moments In Our Arms

We wanted to have a poem in the memorial card but nothing seemed right. Nothing expressed our feelings for an experience that so few related to. Several days before the service I wrote this and with a little editing help from my mom it seemed like the right words to share. Somehow God helped me put them together to help explain a few of our emotions during this heartbreaking time. Maybe it will help another in a time of pain.

For many years we prayed for you
hoped our dreams would come true
that God would bless my womb with life
fill our home with pink or blue

With shock and joy we saw your hearts
blinking 1, 2, 3
through impossible odds He placed you there
new life inside of me

We shared our news with family and friends
their love and prayers came fast
for health and strength for all of us
that this joy would always last

I loved to feel you wake and move
to tell me you were there
I did everything I could for you
to provide a mother’s care

The journey would not be easy though
there were trials beginning to end
walking each step with faith and hope
we couldn’t see ’round the bend

So many dreams spun through our heads
somehow they won’t come true
to kiss and hold you through the night
would your eyes be brown or blue?

God came for you late one night
away to Heaven you flew
we cherished each moment in our arms
even though they were too few

So we wipe our tears and dry our eyes
remember your faces small and sweet
longing for the day we see you again
in Heaven we’ll surely meet

With all my love
~ Mommy




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