3 New Angels

February 3, 2012

Alice Mae, Elliot Nathan and Alexis Marie went to Heaven.
Maybe some day I can write more here. Please pray for us during this time of grief.


7 thoughts on “3 New Angels

  1. Erin Wourms says:

    Dearest Janelle, Nate, and Nora,
    Juli just phoned to share your tragedy. I had been thinking about you all week, now I know why- and I’m just so so so very sorry. Nik and I are just crushed at your loss. I can only imagine the battles you are facing. Please know that we are truly praying for you and will continue to do so. His grace WILL carry you through this.
    With much love,
    Erin and Nik

  2. nancy block says:

    Nate and Janelle,

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I prayed so hard and thought you might at least make it to the viabil stage. I cry with you and hug you in my thoughts and prayers.
    may the strength of Gods love sustain you in your grief.

    Nancy Block

  3. Teri Leydon says:

    I don’t know what your story is, but 14 years ago, I lost 3 angels. Emily Iris, Catherine Mary (Catie) and Trey (as in James the third). They are with me every day. You have some hard days, weeks, months and years ahead of you. I can tell you it will get better, but it does not mean you won’t forget. You won’t ever forget, but my advice is let yourself heal and move on. You may feel guilty on a day when you had a good time. found yourself laughing and having fun, then realized your babies are gone. Live for those fun moments and don’t feel guitly. Those 3 angels are watching over you and want to see you happy. You will meet again one day. In the mean time, live, love and laugh…..they are.

    • blessedwithmore says:

      Thank you. Only a mother who has lived this loss can truly ever understand. Thank you for sharing your heart. You hit so many realities for me right now. Yesterday would have been 28 weeks. The last milestone that I memorized (also my daughter’s 3rd birthday so impossible to forget) other than their due date. Days are getting easier – but I get hit out of the blue with sadness still. I’m hoping to post more on the blog eventually but I still can’t bear it.

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