Random Thoughts Are Just Dandy

  • I measured 27 weeks at 19 weeks. I wonder if I should keep track of my belly measurement? Could be interesting.
  • The emergency c-section from my first pregnancy (vertical) is oh so lovely (sarcasm) with raised keloid scaring – and is starting to stretch. My head secretly wonders what that will evolve into (scar revision?!).
  • Lately I haven’t realized how full my bladder is until standing up, and then waddle quickly to the restroom while holding as much of the weight of my belly that I can. Quite funny.
  • I didn’t have any cravings to speak of in the first trimester (with my last pregnancy I NEEDed apple juice).
  • I couldn’t even stomach the THOUGHT of red meat in my first trimester
  • Second trimester led to massive cravings for hamburgers and pizza (you can imagine my delight when Papa Murphy’s made a CHEESEBURGER PIZZA!!! OH my gosh good. (I had one slice of pizza with my last pregnancy and avoided it like the plague for the remainder).
  • McDonalds decided to do a Big Mac TV commercial campaign (2 for 1) during this exact time – which is just plain torture
  • I thought I was a “celebrity” at the clinic/hospital after all of our infertility trials and HELLP syndrome with my daughter. Ummm I think this one tops it. The nurses know me by name and give me hugs when they see me. Although with my last pregnancy the scheduling woman knew my birth date by heart and I thought that was impressive. I suppose the next step is for the Birth Place nursing staff to know me by name right?
  • I’ve formed a me-size hole on my side of the bed and am now trying to spend time on the center bump to even it out.
  • My hips are hoping for a new egg crate mattress in the near future.
  • Tylenol is now my friend – and it honestly freaked me out a bit when my OB suggested I’d be on narcotics to deal with the pain by the time we’re at the end of this journey (and obviously after).
  • I’ve somewhat given up on the triplet stroller search. I know which one I’d like ideally as it’s the only one available that holds 3 infant seats. However I’ve come to learn it’s very common that people don’t go anywhere or see anyone for 3-6 months after the babies are home due to limitations on risking their health. (One blog even mentioned having limitations of NO visitors for 3 months, and anyone helping with care needing to be 100% healthy for at least 2 weeks prior to being in the house).
  • My friends and family will go INSANE if they can’t see these babies for 3 months after coming home.
  • I do have access to a very reasonable triplet stroller thanks to a friend of the family and I think it will be our plan A until we know more what we’re dealing with when they come home. It would only work for older babies but maybe that’s not an issue. Am I really going anywhere on my own with 4 kids in those early months anyway? Maybe we could find two, double strollers that allow 2 Gracos to snap into until we know what we need/want?
  • I wonder if 3 Graco infant seats and a toddler seat will fit into our van?
  • I wonder how we’ll get infant seats into the rear of our van? One friend loads her kids from the rear. Good thought.
  • I wonder how strong Nate will be after this?
  • I wonder how weak I will be after this?
  • People think I’m crazy to try to breast feed 3. Maybe I am. But I’m gonna give it a shot for as many months/weeks/days/hours/minutes as I’m able for as many/few who will try it. For now I’m not gonna give up on it at the least. I still have ’em. I want to try to use ’em.
  • The thought of my body post-babies sort of terrifies me.
  • I never imagined altering my body – and yet God seems to have big plans for that in my future (I’m also BRCA-1 positive).
  • Somehow at the moment I don’t seem to care.
  • God gave me my big family even with limitations of infertility and a ticking hysterectomy time line. Now we need Him to get us to the other side safely. (and maybe some help for me to survive afterwards as well?)
  • I’m hungry – all the time.
  • I’ve read that doesn’t go away – but the space to actually consume food does.
  • I love friend egg sandwiches with cheese before bed.
  • I’d really really really like to know the gender of my children already!
  • Finding three names that sound good together, but don’t rhyme too much or are too similar is really HARD. (or sound like the dog and cats’ names)
  • I love how unique my name is and want that for my kids.
  • There were 6 Nathan’s in my husband’s graduating class and they all usually went by their last name as a result.
  • My last name is Wourms.
  • Regardless of their first names, will they ever go by anything other than the “Wourms Triplets” anyway? I hope so.
  • What if 3 becomes 2? Or 1?
  • LONG ago I read of a woman who called her 2 kids “surviving triplets”. I thought that was morbid. But now I sort of get it. Even though that doesn’t sound right – neither does twins.
  • Just like most don’t know/realize that my daughter is not my “first” child.
  • I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to explain the answer: “Is this your first pregnancy” – “No, it’s at least my 4th” – “How many kids do you have?” – “1”. Nurses ask me this all the time as part of their questionnaire. Strange to think of what the response would be after all of this.
  • Nobody is comfortable saying that things might not be ok.
  • I know my babies are ok in Heaven regardless of my fears. 🙂 I’m the one that would need help getting through that. Not them. They’d have siblings to join and LOTS of amazing people to hug them for me.
  • I’d rather have them in my arms.
  • I pray every day that we’re all healthy through this journey. Most days I feel great about that. Some moments I live in fear of it.
  • My husband is not only a great man/husband/friend – but he’s one of the best dad’s I’ve ever met.
  • Every night I have to be touching him somehow (which is a challenge with 3+ pillows, a belly, separate blankets and a dog in bed – but I manage. One night in the hospital made me thankful for that and I will not take it for granted.
  • I have amazing friends, family and a God to lean on.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Are Just Dandy

  1. Anna says:

    Janelle this is my favorite post yet. It’s honest, it’s how you really feel, it’s funny, it’s so YOU. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Jenna says:

    I love your honesty Janelle, and am inspired by your faith. God did not promise our life on earth would be easy…there are many ups and downs. He wants all of us- every day. Our joys and sorrows, fears and dreams. Nothing is ever a surprise to Him and His plan for our lives is perfect.

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