Today I’m thankful for:
• Being in my own home
• Sleeping next to my husband every night
• SLEEP in general
• Feeling the babies move
• Nate felt the babies kick him HARD the other day and I cried
• I felt someone with hiccups for the first time this morning
• My parents and in-laws who have dropped everything and come to our rescue without a single complaint
• Grandparents that my daughter ADORES
• Friends and family who are willing to help out once in a while so my daughter can leave these four walls and play with a friend
• No swelling
• No meds
• Ultrasounds that allow me to see my miracles
• God’s peace at times that I need it more than anything else in the world
• Family and friends that encourage my faith and trust in Him
• My mom’s cooking
• My daughter’s understanding
• My husband’s patience and help when I feel stupid asking for it
• The three miracles bouncing around my belly – and the hope that they’ll be happy and healthy

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