Letrozole and “multiple gestations”

I was digging through piles of papers today and decided to trash the folder from the reproductive endocrinologist (hoooray!). I flipped to the page titled “Possible Complications of Treatment” where the subhead “Multiple Gestations” is listed. (this was after I tossed the book from March of Dimes that also listed multiples as a “the most serious problem that fertility treatment can cause.”

I was curious what the specialist had to say about this in his info packet. Our OB told me that I was the first multiple Letrozole pregnancy in the clinic that I go to (this is the medication I took to create multiple, healthy follicles).

His papers say this: “The multiple gestation rates with Letrozole are approximately 6-8%. This usually results in twins. It is extremely rare for triplets or quadruplets as a result of Letrozole induction.” If I remember correctly they told us that the general public has a 3-5% chance of multiples and he stressed that it wasn’t increased by that much.

I guess my mind sort of flips around a lot of these terms. I certainly don’t take the seriousness of any of this lightly. I’m likely more aware of the fears than most because I’m living this and it’s my body and my children/family at risk here. Yet if I’m going to get through all of this with some hope I need to see the positive as well and it sure is hard when the medical world lists multiples as a “complication” or “serious problem.” It’s hard to digest. The perinatologist made these risks as clear as she could without going into the post-delivery risks to the babies (I’m sure we’ll have that conversation another day).

That said I’m very blessed to have an OB who is supportive and optimistic and is treating this as a joyful pregnancy and children which we’ve hoped and prayed about for years. We’ve invested countless dollars (b/c let’s face it those numbers are too scary to count at this point, it’s easier to just send the checks every month and keep plowing ahead). I’ve endured painful tests and procedures and pumped my body full of medications that have paperwork and signatures that include pages of complications and risks. And yet here we are with the possibility of a family of six when we were so close to giving up that hope and accepting a family of three.

We’re thankful in the midst of fears of these “risks” and continue to thank you for your prayers as we continue this journey.


One thought on “Letrozole and “multiple gestations”

  1. Daniella says:

    I cannot wait until I can trash some things…I am hoping that I too will be that 6-8% and win against all odds!!! Know that I think of you and am here for you!!!

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