I can feel baby B and C move quite often. In fact this weekend baby B did a total flip and it felt SO strange. Baby C must have had a bit more room b/c suddenly I didn’t have pressure on my left rib/lung any longer. Thank you baby B. I rarely feel baby A though. I tell myself it’s because he/she is so low near my cervix. Maybe he/she just isn’t as active as the others. But I’ll be honest that there are moments of fear that maybe something is wrong. I imagine this is a very real and normal fear with any mother who doesn’t feel her baby move at one point or another. So many parts of this journey have been, and will continue to be this way. Focus on the positive. Enjoy the little things and cling to them in hope and trust that all is ok. But in reality there are indeed very real moments of pure fear that overwhelm my heart for the future of these three miracles. I pray that you’re all ok, strong, healthy, growing … with hope for an amazing future with you all. Oh please be ok baby A.


3 thoughts on “Wiggles

  1. Rebecca Knudegaard says:

    I’m sure Baby A is well also. Some babies move less. My girls were much less active than my boys. My conclusion? A is a girl and B and C are boys! lol As long as there is a strong heartbeat, then that baby is growing and thriving! Worry is a normal part though, that I understand. Just don’t let it take control of you! God has a plan for these little ones which you already know! 😉

  2. Shana Schmidt says:

    Remember, it’s still early! I predict Baby A will be a mover and a shaker just like his/her siblings soon. 🙂 Keep the updates coming.

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