Today I’m thankful for so many things. Here are a few of the odd ones that I’m trying so hard to think about and keep in perspective with the months ahead.

  • I can roll over in bed.
  • I’m not peeing nearly as often at night.
  • There are actually days this week that I’ve forgotten that I’m pregnant which is really something to say considering how I’ve felt for the last few months. Also something to say considering the size of my belly but these stretchy top pants are doing the job.
  • I had the amazing opportunity to see my babies a TON thanks to Lake Superior College’s volunteer program for the ultrasound class.
  • I don’t think of my cervix daily yet.
  • I can eat again for the most part.
  • I have energy for a good portion of the day!
  • My back is starting to ache a little but it’s not slowing me down yet.
  • Nora converted to a big girl bed very easily making it possible to put her to bed myself still.
  • The bleeding was nothing to worry about.
  • I can feel them move – but it doesn’t hurt or keep me awake.
  • I can tie my shoes and put on socks.
  • I don’t have room for a full meal but I can mostly enjoy food again. (when I do I don’t have to stress about too many calories!)
  • I sleep in my own bed at night – next to the man I love.
  • I have an amazing circle of family and friends who have shown support through every step of this journey (before and after pregnancy).
  • They’re safe and sound where they need to be right now.
  • God is in control.

2 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Rebecca Knudegaard says:

    Love this Janelle! So important to count our blessings! How exciting that you can feel them move! I only got to feel one at a time, so how exciting for you to be able to feel three! I also meant to tell you awhile ago that God chose you and Nate to take this journey because he knew no one else could handle it the way you would. He knows you can do it and bring glory to Him all at the same time! So excited to watch these little ones thrive! Love ya!

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