Well I officially reached the second trimester. As slowly as it’s gone – it also seems to have gone so quickly. I suppose that’s how a lot of things in life are. Although this typically means a radical drop in your risk of miscarriage, for triplets it’s not really the case I guess. Things are high risk right to the very end. That said – I have still reached some very important milestones. I had to take medication to get pregnant (treatment for PCOS) as well as maintain a pregnancy if we got here. As of 12 weeks I was able to stop taking everything. No more metformin and no more progesterone. Yippeee. This means no more pressure to remember them and no more alarms going off every day (b/c I’m terrible at remembering them). The metformin has been a constant in my life for years now and it’s strange to be done with it. Everything has remained constant in the last week while I was off of the meds so I have high hopes that things are fine.

I’m also starting to feel a little better. I’ve still had ups and downs with that as my evenings tend to be difficult. But I’ve had a lot more energy in the past few days and that is such a relief. I feel as if I can function as a human again for portions of the day. I try to get little projects done as I’m able and then let it go when I know I just don’t have the energy to do more. In relation to a month ago it’s wonderful! Otherwise my current enemy is indigestion. I’m trying a few things to combat that and so far I’ve had partial success there. Just part of the journey I suppose.

The What to Expect emails make me laugh at times. Today they mentioned that I might be starting to show now! Ummmm yeah. That’s an understatement. I’m as big as I was at 23+ weeks with Nora. I’ll try to get an album posted here with progress in that area. I can’t imagine where that will take me and part of me is just pretending it’s not gonna happen. I already have trouble rolling in bed and my stomach muscles are useless. That’s not gonna get better so maybe there are some upper body strengthening things I can work on! I figure that can’t hurt anything in the near future.

So – cheers to the second trimester! I’m starting week 14. With the average delivery of triplets at 33 weeks – that means I only have about 20 weeks to go. Sort of hard to imagine.

I’m thankful for so many things at this point and am excited to share how this all evolves. We appreciate your prayers and support as we walk this journey together with an amazing God who blessed us with these miracles.


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